Pole Barn & Metal Roofing Specialists

Straight Line GA specializes in Pole barn builds, we understand the need to protect your valuables. Contact us today, for a free consultation. 

Hans Miller- 706 315 5041

Pole Barn Columbus, GA
Pole barn with meal roof, metal truss
Creative Pole Barn Solutions

Creative solutions, with professional service. We guarantee our work, and take pride in custom craftsmanship. With Unlimited length and up to 50' Widths our pole barn builds can suite your lifestyle needs.

pole barn wit upstairs loft
Multiple use - Clean cut appearance

Choose from hundreds of designs, carefully thought out plans to fit your lifestyle and protect your equipment. 

Pole barn - Straigt Line GA

With ten plus years experience, we stand behind our builds. Professional, creative solutions!

Proudly Serving Greater Columbus, Ga
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